About the Joe Brooks Chapter
of Trout Unlimited


Formed in 1968, Joe Brooks Chapter is one of the oldest continuously active chapters in the United States and the oldest in Montana. We have 168 active chapter members and 4 members on our Board of Directors. Joe Brooks Chapter of Trout Unlimited has received both state and national attention for its work on behalf of the Yellowstone River.


Our Mission

We conserve, protect, and restore Park and Sweet Grass Countys' world-class cold water fisheries and their watersheds.

Our Works Includes

  • Advocating for clean water, robust stream flows, healthy habitat, and naturally functioning watersheds and floodplains;
  • Promoting fishery management that preserves and improves populations of wild fish, with a priority on native species, such as cutthroat trout, bull trout and grayling;
  • Working with agencies and landowners to conduct projects across the state that restore water quality, streamflows, healthy riparian habitats and natural stream function;
  • Defending the rights of anglers to access Montana’s streams and rivers for fishing and other recreational purposes; and
  • Educating the public about the importance of clean water and healthy wild fisheries.

The Joe Brooks Story 

A documentary on the exceptional life of Joe Brooks.